E-CO attended Move.App Expo, scheduled from 10th to 15th October in Milan.

E-CO, – Engineering Company for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles, attended Move.App Expo, scheduled at Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo Da Vinci in Milan, from 10th to 15th October.

Move.App Expo is an event focused on technological innovation of transportation and policy for sustainable mobility, core topics in E-CO’s activities, spin-off of Politecnico di Milano, having, among its main objectives, the promotion and the development of tools and technologies for hybrid and electric mobility.

During Move.App Expo, E-CO  presented, together with partner Schunk, the Experimentation Progam “SmartBUS”, in collaboration with POLITECNICO DI MILANO, ENEA, ABB,  FONDAZIONE POLITECNICO DI MILANO and with the support of local Administration and qualified industrial TPL partners.

SmartBUS is a project aiming to develop an innovative System for Sustainable Mobility for Urban TPL on wheel, created by E-CO  and realized mainly with two components:

-  Rechargin Stations with “Fast Charging” technology (On Ground SubSystem)

- New SMARTBUS, got by Retroffiting / Outfitting Fast Charge of BUSes, according to E-CO “Fast Charging” specifics  (On Board SubSystem).

The Program allows to realize, dimension and develop a modern and effective system for a sustainable mobility in Urban TPL (Local Public Transportation) on wheel, through Fast Charging technology and different technology combined together (on board, on ground, telematics, security and safety).

Listen to the interview to Paolo Bernardini, E-CO’s CEO on http://telenord.it/transport/

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