E-CObim_axle is an innovative kit for front-wheel vehicles, that couples the endothermic motor with an electric engine powered by litium battery integrated on the rear axle, allowing to drive in three different modes:

  • Endothermic mode: the vehicle works normally, powered by fuel
  • Electric mode: the endothermic motor is not active, driving is allowed by the electric system (zero emissions)
  • Hyvrid mode: both electric and endothermic engines works together in order to reduce consumptions, optimizing overall efficiency.

E-CObim_axle  allows a high flexibility of usage, including zero emission driving in restricted traffic areas, through optimized management of energy flows. The battery can be re-charged on-boards by endothermic motor or using network connection, with on-board charger (plug-in). Possible predisposition to fast charging.